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Tricky - Pre-Millenium Tension

Tricky: Pre-Millenium Tension (CD)



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Urbane and despairing, this trip-hop king's second album under his own name is a genuine fin-de-siecle concoction. Apocalyptic messages are projected over layers of gleaming noises and libidinous rhythms that lurk underneath the surface like secret cities. Although his songs are full of sinister, futuristic overtones, Tricky refuses to be cornered as a messianic spokesperson. No longer working under the moniker "Nearly God," and discontented with the role of anonymous auteur, he's the "Tricky Kid": simultaneously celebrating and bemoaning the musician-as-god paradigm. Tricky continues to weave narratives from a variety of standpoints--everyone from the ghetto-dweller to the biggest superstar is given a voice on this album. Martina Topley Bird, a long-time Tricky accomplice, lends her sultry voice to several tracks, giving them the sophisticated, continental ambience of Portishead. No matter who is doing the talking, these songs are delivered with a cool detachment. PRE-MILLENNIUM TENSION is infallibly hip: an apotheosis of urban grace.

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Tricky (Music Performer)
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Ian Caple (Sound Engineer)
Rock Smith PKA Stike (Sound Engineer)

Press Reviews

Ranked #4 on Melody Maker's list of 1996's "Albums Of The Year. Melody Maker (12/21-28/96, pp.66-67)

...dense, hypnotic soundscapes that suggest primal ingenious mischief-maker rather than an author of old-fashioned beats....PRE-MILLENNIUM TENSION makes swell nightmare fodder... Musician (2/97, pp.122-123)

Ranked #8 in NME's 1996 critics' poll. NME (12/21-28/96, pp.66-67)

4 Stars (out of 5) - "...Conventional instruments like pianos or harmonicas jostle with found sounds over ferocious rhythm tracks in an unsettling soundscape where anything can happen, providing it's knuckle-clenching and sweat-inducing....Uneasy yet undeniably brilliant... Q (12/96, p.138)

Included in Q's "50 Heaviest Albums of All Time". Q (7/01, p.91)

Ranked #2 on Rolling Stone's list of the "Ten Best Albums" of 1996. Rolling Stone (1/23/97, p.44)

4 Stars (out of 5) - "...distorted guitars, disorienting digital effects and the exquisite soul crooning of...Martina Topley Bird over fractured loops and vintage hip-hop abstract, minimalist edge....closer in spirit to the work of Prince or Lee `Scratch' Perry... Rolling Stone (12/12/96, p.86)

Ranked #6 on Spin's list of the "20 Best Albums of '96. Spin (1/97, p.58)

9 (out of 10) - "...Inspired rather than threatened by hip-hop, Tricky tosses it off like a Stussy cape....At his most compelling, Tricky calls everything into question, including himself....his music, a collage of gasping beats and forlorn chords, speaks beyond words... Spin (12/96, p.139)

...Tricky produces cinematic soundscapes...he layers thick bass loops with enough warp your mind....Trip-hop was boring 'til Tricky brought sex, hip-hop and beautiful transgressive thoughts to the mix... The Source (12/96, p.140)

...Tricky's trip hop fills you up and satisfies you....Call it trip hop, Euro rap, black alternative, or whatever term you fancy. Just don't sleep... Vibe (12/96, p.181)


Disc 1:

  1. Vent
  2. Christiansands
  3. Tricky Kid
  4. Bad Dream
  5. Makes Me Wanna Die
  6. Ghetto Youth
  7. Sex Drive
  8. Bad Things
  9. Lyrics of Fury
  10. My Evil Is Strong
  11. Piano