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I Spied a Spider

I Spied a Spider

  • By Collisionville
  • Release 2009-01-27
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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'Northern California's Collisionville fuses a loud, post-punk sound with down-home Americana to create sardonically sincere songs that are well put together and streaked with the humor that eludes more self-serious bands.' -Eliot Van Buskirk, Wired Magazine 'Stephen Pride's song craft is dynamic, full of unexpected turns...' -Dan Vermont, The Owl Mag 'I think Frank Zappa would have liked some of Collisionville's music .It's funny and insinuating; it creeps up on you. It's got f***ed time signatures and whacked guitar parts played because that's how the composition was going and they took themselves seriously in the right way...' -Brian Keizer (Spin Magazine & the SF Bay Guardian) Hey, do you live in Fallujah? Or maybe you used to live in New Orleans but now your house is at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico? Can your car run on dried-up bacon grease? Do you have any money left? You didn't leave it all with the bank, did you? Who the hell's been running this place, anyway? Oakland, Califorinia's Collisionville-guitarist/vocalist Stephen Pride, drummer Ben Adrian, and bassist Conor Thompson-are dealing with these insane times by cranking out tunes reminiscent of '80s & '90s staples like The Pixies, The Replacements, or the whole SST camp-only in a post-grunge world, where Reaganomics long since gave way to the Bush body politic that's left us high and dry. Fittingly, the band's second full-length, I Spied A Spider, will drop January 20th, 2009-Bush's last day in office. While 2005's Hotter Heads Prevail indulged frontman Pride's post-punk leanings, Spider draws heavily on other influences, infusing Collisionville's already-rollicking sideshow with Americana twang, and giving Pride a chance to display his ample banjo chops. The album's packed with confessionals that wryly lay out good times and bad-hell, mostly bad. The people in these songs have no power to affect things politically, personally, internally. Still, Pride's dour lyrics are so riddled with humor they can't quite mask the secret optimist. "You still got nine good fingers / There's a guy outside who'd kill for your job / His family's eatin' shit for dinner" spits Pride on the plodding rocker "Keep The Sweatshops Blazin'." "Please Spare the Life of Your Cocaine Dealer" marries flip lyrics fitting of it's title with a hillbilly-via-Brit-Invasion shuffle. And what of that twang? "Another Cold Shoulder" is a Gram Parsons-style barnburner, and "Sleeping in a Tree" rattles off plenty of mutant Neil Young swagger. And so the story takes another turn. These past eight years, Collisionville have been measuring their frustrations in decibels, and I Spied a Spider is the byproduct. January 20th, 2009. Don't let the Oval Office door hit your ass on the way out.


Artist: Collisionville
Title: I Spied a Spider
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2009-01-27
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 656605959528


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