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Sounds of the Heart

Sounds of the Heart

  • By Cornsmoke
  • Release 2001-01-16
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

WONDERFUL ESCAPISM!!! 'Sounds of the Heart' is truly one of the most beautifully touching Native American flute conglomerations I have had the opportnity to experience. This music transports you to another place and time, introducing a sense of peace that goes beyond the scope of words. Each piece brings it's own essence and emotional response to the listener, whether stirring past memories and visions or just soothing away the stresses of daily life. My favorite way to listen to 'Sounds of the Heart' is to take a few moments,deep breaths and let the music flow through my being. With the closing of my eyes instantly comes visions of open spaces, infinite skies, the caress of the breeze and the flight of the eagle. The music comes alive and dances across the screen of the mind, leaving one filled with awe at the beauty of nature. I don't know how Cornsmoke can capture that essence on CD, but I am grateful that he does. ......HORIZONS MAGAZINE. This is a dynamite CD of Native American flute music. Cornsmoke is a very talented musician and storyteller as evidenced by the intricate musical stories he weaves with his flutes. Along with his musical mate David Michael on synthesizer, Gary LaCorte-'Cornsmoke' creates his unique blend of traditional flute and new age songs. From the first song titled, 'Lakota Wind,' the listener is treated to a cacophony of natural sounds and synthesizers, integrated with Mr. LaCorte's beautiful flute meanderings. The strength of this music is the sweet sound emanating from the various flutes chosen for each piece. Whether it is the more traditional Cedar flute, river cane or the bamboo flute, each has it's individual timber and emotional expression which, in turn, creates the overall feel of each track. There are a number of good tracks on this album, but the ones that immeadiately come to mind are, 'Twilight Sojourn' and 'Sky Song'. Other outstanding cuts include, 'Nocturnal Flight' and 'Deer Dance'. Along with good song writing, the production of this delicate balance of synthesizer, nature sounds and flute, is carried off in quite a satisfactory fashion. Nothing on this album seems forced or out of place. Due to the fact that this album is produced by an independent label, one would expect that the packaging to be of inferior quality, but this is not the case at all. The information provided is somewhat sparse, but direct and to the point. Everything one needs to know is provided. Given the genre that Cornsmoke has journeyed into, that of the flute-flooded market of New Age music, he would be wise to continue on the path he has taken on this album. 'Sounds of the Heart' is a strong showing for a first time out. Cornsmoke is not just 'blowing smoke', he's creating great music! ....WHISPERING WIND MAGAZINE. ******* ALL CORNSMOKE MUSIC IS AVAILABLE THRU DIGITAL DOWNLOADS SHOULD HARD-COPIES BECOME DIFFICULT TO OBTAIN.*******.


Artist: Cornsmoke
Title: Sounds of the Heart
Genre: International
Release Date: 2001-01-16
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 600638984729


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