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Keeps on Truckin

Keeps on Truckin

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If you're listening to 'Peterbilt for Two', I have to tell you that this song came about partly due to the fact that my husband bought a Peterbilt painted a baby blue, and I called it 'Blue Bunny'. He hauled oil to and from leases in our area, and I would ride with him and help him with his tickets and bookkeeping, and of course, sometimes I'd be snoozing while Jerry was up there driving and rollin' down the road. That Peterbilt was as faithful and honest as a cowboy's prize horse, and it was with great regret when the day came we had to sell her. I have a lot of family members who are truckers, so I was inspired to do this trucking album not just for them, but for all of the truckers out there. Besides, truckers affect all of our lives in one way or another, whether you're the one at home and your trucker is on the road, or you're the recipient of the many many products that the trucker delivers all over this country that help us make it through each day. Since I am a Diffie and there are so many members of our family who are great singers, songwriters, musicians and just plain talented folks, I recruited many of them to help me write the songs on this album, and as always, they came through like troopers and made the songs come alive and speak to you. My dear husband Jerry, my son and daughter Jerry Don and Priscilla (better known as Punkin), my brother Joe and sister Priscilla Diffie-Couch, my niece Monica Stiles and nephew Joe Diffie (yep, you guessed it, the Joe Diffie, the one you all love and adore), and my cousin Ron Lundmark, all shared their talent with me to bring to life these musical creations. I also can't forget to mention my treasured friend Bobbi Meyer and two of my longtime buddies and special friends, Dean Charles and Ronnie Bishop. A special thanks to all of you for sharing your artistic talents and making this CD something I am very proud of. My very dear, sweet, extremely talented niece Monica took time out of her busy schedule (she has three children and was working on her own career as a singer and songwriter) to produce this album. She was very devoted to this project and was able to reach deep down and bring forth the very best in me, and I will be forever grateful for her time, talent and efforts on my behalf. She secured the talent of one of the best guitar players in Nashville who was able to create a mood that perfectly fit each and every song. If you are a fan of the acoustic guitar and the mandolin, then you will appreciate all of the truly magnificent sounds you hear on this CD. You will be amazed at how full and upbeat the sound of the guitar is on 'Flatbed Annie' and how melodic and emotional the feel of the guitar is on 'Little Hotshot', and how haunting and lonely the sound of the guitar is on 'Trucker on the Road.' WOW! Such a talent, and I was lucky and honored to have been working with such a creative and talented guitarist. The day that the song 'Trucker on the Road' came to life was when my hubby had left early one morning to yet another destination as a trucker, and I knew he was going to be gone for over two weeks. I was standing in the kitchen feeling empty and so alone when the words came to me.... I hear the lonely sound of silence.... I think any woman listening to this song whose husband or significant other has to be gone for weeks at a time can relate to the way I was feeling at that moment. Since I grew up on a ranch, riding horses and helping my dad, my hero,(the original Joe Diffie and a real cowboy in the truest sense of the word) with his cattle and all the other chores there are on a ranch and dairy farm, it occurred to me how many ways the trucker and the cowboy were alike. Since my beautiful and talented children, Jerry Don and Punkin, also grew up on a ranch, I recruited their help, and they were able to share many ideas with me for the song 'Trucker and the Cowboy'. Most of you have probably used the expression 'Keep on Truckin' at one time or another, and when my sister was cheering me up on the phone one day, she used those exact words, and I said 'Hey, that would be a great song for the CD,'. Well, in about a week, she called me up and started singing the song she was writing with that title. I was so impressed, I jumped right in and helped her write it. If you listen carefully to the lyrics, you will realize just how talented she is and how cleverly she captures the essence of the song with her lyrics. She has the ability to make you want to listen, enjoy the song and yet able to convey an important message all at the same time. We have collaborated on many a tune, and I am so very honored and proud to have not only the most devoted and dedicated sister in the whole world, but to be able to work with someone who is a master at causing new ideas to come to life with her artistic efforts. Our lovely, precious mother was also a prolific, talented writer and wrote many wonderful songs during her lifetime, and she passed this talent down to my sister. My brother who is a trucker, as well as being an excellent story teller with a terrific sense of humor and a talented singer and musician, was conveying some of his adventures as a trucker to me, and specifically, about the times when he and his wife were on the road together. I put some of those tales down on paper, shared them with my friend, Ronnie Bishop, and the song 'Life's Like a Truck' was born. If you are a trucker, I know you can relate to the humorous lyrics in 'Keep an Eye on Your Tail' so cleverly written by my cousin Ron. I would venture to say there's not a trucker out there who hasn't bought some gadget or another that would help him detect when a smoky was 'round and about, so I know you'll appreciate this tune. I could go on and on about each and every song and co-writer on this CD, but I think what you need to do is listen for yourself and see what you think. I truly feel that this CD will not only appeal to the truckers, but I believe it is music that will captivate folks from all walks of life, and I think you're going to enjoy this CD whether you like the hustle and bustle of big city life or the more laid back country life style. Just to give you a little additional information about me, I have been characterized by some as 'classy, pure country,' with crossover appeal, who combines a great voice with rare charisma. I have lots of people say I remind them vocally of Patsy Cline with a voice that satisfies the traditional country music fans, as well as new country enthusiasts. My bio says I am wholesomely sexy, and am able to captivate audiences with a commanding yet comfortable stage presence with a reach-out-and-touch-you quality and energy on stage that give me a rapport with audiences few entertainers ever achieve. Although I do appreciate all of those accolades, I wanted you to know who I really am and what I'm really all about. My roots, like all of the Diffies, are deeply embedded in country music, and I just thought you might like to have a little insight as to how and why this CD came about. Like a lot of entertainers, I have received many awards and special recognition during my career. I was 'Female Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year' at the Oklahoma Opry and was selected two years in a row to perform at Fan Fair in Nashville on the IFCO show. I have had three national chart records in Cashbox Magazine, and had a prize winning song 'Cheatin' List' that went to number 2 on the independent charts, and I can honestly tell you, I am proud of these achievements, but what I'm most proud of is to have had the opportunity in my life to be able to do what I love so much and the opportunity to meet so many folks, and if I have touched their lives in any positive way, then I feel I have done what I was put here to do. I am proud of the fact that I've had the opportunity to perform throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean with such country stars as my nephew, Joe Diffie, Willie Nelson, Tanya Tucker, Mel Tillis, Hank Thompson and many other celebrities, but I am also proud of the fact that I have had the privilege to perform with many talented singers and musicians whose names may never be known to the public but they will forever be embedded in my memory, and I have been honored by being able to work with each and every one of them.


Artist: Dawn Anita Diffie
Title: Keeps on Truckin
Genre: Country
Release Date: 2005-02-16
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479087271


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