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After the Rainfall

After the Rainfall

  • By Hiroe Sekine
  • Release 2012-08-10
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Hiroe Sekine on piano/keyboard/vocals collaborated with some of Los Angeles' most esteemed musicians such as Peter Erskine on drums, Bob Sheppard on sax, Larry Koonse on guitar, Darek Oles on acoustic bass, Jimmy Johnson on electric guitar, and Arnold McCuller on vocals. Produced by Russell Ferrante, a founding member of the two-time Grammy award winner group Yellowjackets. The album is a collection of her compositions and arrangements of American and Brazilian standards. Each song flows nicely into the next and takes the listener on a journey. 'After the Rainfall is a beautiful vista along a journey that's just getting underway.'- Russell Ferrante, producer Reviews: 'The record certainly has it's share of gentle aural pleasantries, but that isn't the end of the story. Fusion-laced revisions of Thelonious Monk, swinging, up-tempo blues, and Brazilian getaways are also part of the package...On After The Rainfall, Sekine finds balance between the breezy and the bold as she establishes herself as a talented composer, pianist, vocalist and arranger."-Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz 'Her deeply felt songwriting gift shows mind-blowingly in this, her second CD effort. At times, it feels like there are several artists at play here, instead of one, multi-talented lady at the piano/keys and the microphone... clearly holding her own with the big guns...Everything here is better than good; the album could be a strong contender for several Grammys next year. I can't wait for her third.'-Carol Banks Weber, Jazz Music Examiner "she has such a knack for arranging and reharmonizing them just so that you can recognize the song, but it feels like a whole new song. Like a nicely restored classiccar...There can be a lot of artistry and creativity involved in recycling old tunes. This version of "Evidence" does well to show off the artistry of both Thelonious Monk and Hiroe Sekine alike."-S.Victor Aaron, Somethingelse! 'Once in awhile, we encounter an artist who just has too much talent; Hiroe Sekine falls into that category...This is an exciting follow-up to Sekine's debut album: a release that fulfills the promise of that initial offering. Her many significant talents, particularly when combined with the similarly excellent artists in the combo, will ensure great success for her in the future.'- Ric Bang, Jazz Scan 'She's an excellent pianist and I love her arrangements, too!' -Jim Wilke, Jazz After Hours, PRI 'After the Rainfall is her second album, a colorful, gossamer collection that caresses the ear in a beguiling, laidback manner...Sekine closes the disc with Thelonious Monk's 'Evidence,' giving evidence that she can conjure serious jazz virtuosity when needed...It would be a shame if you missed it.'- Rad Bennett, Soundstage 'After a impressive debut recording, pianist Hiroe Sekine follow things up with an equally impressive second effort...An outstanding effort from start to finish.'-The '...The mode continues in Spoon Key, returning to the angularity of A-Mé's There is no Greater Love, and Sekine produces a great lead line that dances, pirouettes, and bops along like a champion iceskater on a frozen winter's lake... a fusionized version of Monk'sEvidence that shows how adeptly this woman operates on all levels. The environment is still Weather Reporty but it's as though Wayne Johnson had arranged the cut-spiky, outré, convoluted, but always cohered to the melody, which, as we'd expect, is abstract. This cut will go over really well with fans of Isotope, Soft Machine, Turning Point, and other jazz progfusion ensembles, the cats who wove the style after Miles launched the seminal refrains...Sekine, flowing right along with everything, thus shows she knows all the bases and will drop more than a few jaws as listeners progress from the CD's refined openings to it's much more fiery close. Move over, Rachel Z, you've got company.'- FAME review 'A well done set that easily powers the chill out lounge in your mind. '- Midwest Record 'The 'sophomore slump' is a worry some curse for athletes and musicians alike but not here. Hiroe Sekine is a true Renaissance artists of jazz working as a pianist/composer/arranger and vocalist and all at an incredibly high level of artistic expression...After The Rainfall is the type of stealth recording that could easily fly under the musical radar and that would indeed be a shame. Hiroe Sekine avoids the sophomore slump with ease and her musical stock is an arrow pointing straight up!'- Critical Jazz Review.


Artist: Hiroe Sekine
Title: After the Rainfall
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2012-08-10
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 680666101121